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MOBX Conference
MOBX Conference

MOBX – your premier annual conference for mobile User Experience, modern Interaction Design, usable interfaces and successfull Product Design.

This conference is for all you creative minds and product people out there who deal with User Experience, product discovery, innovations, interfaces and interactions in human-centered services. MOBX is for all those who love smart experiences, good usability and consistent behaviour.

Jan Jursa announcing the MOBX team.

There are a multitude of mobile gadgets, phones and tablets out there, with a mind-boggling variety of interfaces – with often dubious usability. We operate small screens in cars, trains, planes and elsewhere.

Or is there no such thing as a mobile device, as some say, just mobile context? A star-studded line-up of international experts and mobile thinkers will give us their take on this and other key topics. (And there will be time to party as well!)

MOBX team
From the MOBX team: Piet Kopka (left) and Norbert Hadwiger (right).

Join us in Berlin and learn from the best.

Contact us

You can reach us via email at info@mobxcon.org. If you would like to support the MOBX conference, send us a request for sponsorship information.