Alberta Soranzo (Director Service Design, Lloyds Banking Group, UK)
Design Leadership, Building Design Teams

MOBX 2017 Speaker

MOBX 2017 speaker: Alberta Soranzo
Alberta Soranzo

A firm believer that there’s always a way to turn challenge into opportunity, Alberta has been tinkering to make things work better for humans and organizations since she was little. An incorrigible nomad, she’s lived and worked in Italy and California and is now based in London. Recently appointed Director of End-to-End Service Design at Lloyds Banking Group, she is excited about the possibility to make a real impact on the financial outcomes of people by looking after the big picture as well as focusing on the very small things that, she says, ‘matter a lot’. Unafraid of challenging conventions, Alberta puts people at the heart of her design process and contends that you should always under promise and then over deliver.

In her natural habitat, she’s sitting on the floor surrounded by bits of paper and post-its or standing in front of a whiteboard with a handful of markers. If she’s not there, you can find her on Twitter, or playing ice hockey at a rink nearby.


  • Building Design Teams
  • Design Leadership
  • Team Structure

MOBX 2017 presentation

The architecture of talent — How organizations change.

Service design places users squarely at the center of its practice, and fulfilling customer needs is the focus of organizations large and small. What happens though, to the people inside the organization, especially at times when efforts are mostly focused on efficiency, simplification and cost reduction?

How do organizations transform effectively, and organize their people and the work, to support change that isn’t merely cosmetic and that results in tangible outcomes, both internal and external?

Vision, willingness to depart from management models that are still firmly rooted in the industrial revolution era, and understanding that culture cannot be superimposed, but is the direct result of the conditions of the system in which it develops, are among the elements that offer a solution.

Alberta will show you what transforming organizations from within looks like and what the resulting impact for people inside and out is.


Alberta Soranzo also offers a MOBX workshop on Thursday, September 7: Design teams are a design exercise.

Workshop with Alberta Soranzo:
Design teams are a design exercise

An effective design team requires a multitude of diverse skills, and it’s impossible for any one individual to possess them all. So, how do you go about putting together a team that’s balanced, powerful and can work effectively with other teams? What is the right mixture of junior and senior practitioners? What skills, soft and hard, do you need to design and deliver outstanding products and services that support meaningful outcomes?

In this workshop, we’ll take a look at how to assess the skills of our colleagues (as well as our own) to best shape, inspire and lead a design team that works together (and stays together). A team where more experienced practitioners thrive and more junior ones are supported, mentored and enabled to grow, and where complementarity and teamwork are the foundations of success.

You will leave this workshop with a different point of view on design leadership, and ready to build, motivate, grow and keep design teams happy.

Important notice: workshops take place on Thursday, September 7. Conference day is Friday, September 8. Workshops are not part of the conference ticket and have to be bought separately.

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