Ben Sauer (UX Strategist at Clearleft, UK)
Voice-User Interface, Design Principles

MOBX 2017 Speaker

MOBX 2017 speaker Ben Sauer
Ben Sauer

Ben Sauer is Senior User Experience Designer and UX Strategist at Clearleft, a strategic consultancy and design studio based in Brighton.

Ben has an English degree, but don’t hold that against him. He specializes in research and product strategy for companies large and small across the world, including the BBC, Penguin Random House, and also mentors startups.

Organisations hire Ben to upgrade their design skills and design culture: running workshops and training is his bread and butter. Recently he’s been writing about voice interfaces and speaking on the subject with audiences across Europe.


  • GUI Design
  • Voice-User Interface (VUI)
  • Design Principles

MOBX 2017 presentation

Open the pod bay doors, designer

Right now voice UIs like Siri are, well…. hit and miss. But all the big players are heavily investing in voice UI, let’s suppose it will be much smarter, soon. What does that mean for us designers? Will screen UI even be required? Should we be changing our workflow now? In this talk, Ben will look at the current capabilities of Voice UIs, how the APIs are connecting to apps, what’s next, and how this might change our design process and products.


Ben Sauer also offers a MOBX workshop on Thursday, September 7: Design Your First Voice Interface.

Workshop with Ben Sauer:
Design Your First Voice Interface

For designers, this workshop will teach you how to design, prototype, and test a voice interface using the ‘Wizard of Oz’ method. Unlike reading a book or an article, this workshop will get you trying out your ideas with users quickly and cheaply, in an era when design is moving beyond the screen.

Modern voice interfaces are an opportunity to create better products in new contexts. Smart adoption of VUIs in the right environments makes interaction simple, pleasurable, accessible, and lowers cognitive load. And voice interfaces fulfill the vision of ubiquitous computing and the Internet of Things – keeping our attention on the people around us rather than devices.

In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn about the ideal contexts for voice interfaces, hone their listening and speaking skills by critiquing dialogues, craft a voice personality, and use improvisational techniques to design and structure conversations.

This workshop is for anyone curious about working in voice, including designers, decision-makers, and engineers who are interested in ubiquitous computing, calm technology, bots, NO-UI, and thinking outside of the screen.

Important notice: workshops take place on Thursday, September 7. Conference day is Friday, September 8. Workshops are not part of the conference ticket and have to be bought separately.

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