Fabio Carneiro (formerly MailChimp)
Email UX, Designing Emails

MOBX 2017 Speaker

Fabio Carneiro

Fabio Carneiro is an email developer and user experience designer who loves helping others conquer the world of email. For seven years, he guided email development at MailChimp and helped more than 15 million users send one billion emails a month.

Fabio has given talks at The Email Design Conference, Smashing Conference, and ConvergeSE, recorded courses for Treehouse and Skillshare, and shared his expertise in publications like Smashing Magazine, The UX Reader, and Smashing Book.


  • Email Design
  • UX for Emails
  • Shaping good Emails

MOBX 2017 presentation

User Experience in the Inbox

Though the options are endless, email remains the best way to connect with an audience via the web. Good email, however, is more than just writing copy, adding photos, and hitting ‘send’. Just as a well-designed website adheres to important principles that form a definition of “good user experience”, so must email. This talk covers the critical roles that intent, voice, design, and content all play in shaping good user experience in email

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