Jonathan Courtney (Co-Founder of AJ&Smart, IE, DE)
Product Design Process, Product Innovation

MOBX 2017 Speaker

MOBX 2017 speaker: Jonathan Courtney
Jonathan Courtney

Jonathan Courtney is the co-founder of AJ&Smart, a multi-award winning digital product design agency based in Berlin. He writes a lot, and sometimes causes an industry fire with articles like this. But he also uses his writing for good and helps companies solve difficult design problems with new processes and snappy educational videos.

Jonathan has worked on products for companies like the United Nations, Lufthansa, Udacity, eBay, Zalando, Western Digital, UEFA, Red Bull and many more.

He also runs monthly product design events where he brings the best designers in the world in front of a live audience to nerd out. He’s interviewed design leaders from companies like Google, IDEO, Lego, GV, Fjord and many more.