Pablo Stanley (Writer, Illustrator, Lead Designer, USA)
Sketch App, Modern Design Tools

MOBX 2017 Speaker

MOBX Speaker Pablo Stanley
Pablo Stanley

Pablo Stanley (USA) is one of the leading Sketch teachers out there. His YouTube channel Sketch Together is super popular.


  • Design Workflow
  • State of the Art Design Tools
  • Design in Sketch

MOBX 2017 presentation

So many tools!

An overview of the available tools for design, prototyping, collaboration, and handoff.

We have seen a boom of design tools in the last years, daring old companies into innovating and catching up. But, with so many new tools, which one should you use? We’ll talk about the advantages and cons of these apps so you can try and choose for yourself. We’ll speak of design tools for creating UI and UX solutions, prototyping apps for giving life to your flows, animation tools for giving motion to micro interactions, and handoff apps to help you bridge the communication gap between designers and developers.


Pablo Stanley also offers a MOBX workshop on Thursday, September 7: Designing with Sketch.

Workshop with Pablo Stanley:
Designing with Sketch. Sketch for UX professionals.

Pablo will teach you how to design with Sketch and how to do prototypes and animations in Sketch.

Important notice: workshops take place on Thursday, September 7. Conference day is Friday, September 8. Workshops are not part of the conference ticket and have to be bought separately.

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