Pilar Serna (Design Lead at Pivotal Labs Berlin)
Agile UX, Balanced Teams

MOBX 2017 Speaker

MOBX 2017 speaker: Pilar Serna
Pilar Serna

Pilar is a Senior Designer based in Berlin. She believes that structuring the work around Balanced Teams, when coupled with Agile, XP and Lean practices, leads to building the best digital products we can build.

Currently leading the design team at Pivotal Labs Berlin, her team combines the best of the Silicon Valley state of mind with a business’ core values and expertise to innovate and transform large enterprises so that they can adopt modern product practices. There she uses Pivotal methods honed through thousands of hours collaborating with product teams in startups, enterprises and governments around the globe.

She has designed for Volkswagen, Juke, AXA, Telefónica, Adif, BP and many others. Her work follows a Master’s in Leadership, HCI and Design career in Madrid.

Pilar is also interested in people, social change, cultural movements, art, food, cities and how technology is reshaping everything.


  • Agile UX
  • Balanced Teams
  • XP Design Process

MOBX 2017 presentation

Design in a Product Team

With the ever increasing complexity involved in today’s technology, designers, developers and product managers need to be more aligned and specialized. Autonomous teams that have people with a variety of skills and perspectives that support each other towards a shared goal, focused on collaboration and continuous delivery have a greater chance of solving problems than siloed specialists.

This talk will dive into different approaches for faster product development, less stress and more awesomeness.

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