Val Head (Animation Expert, USA)
UI Animation, Motion in UX

MOBX 2017 Speaker

MOBX 2017 speaker: Val Head
Val Head

Val (@vlh) is a web animation expert and author with a talent for getting designers and developers alike excited about the power of animation. She is the author of Designing Interface Animation on Rosenfeld Media and teaches CSS Animation on

Val Head curates the UI Animation Newsletter, co-hosts the Motion and Meaning podcast, and leads web animation workshops at companies and conferences around the world.


  • Designing Interface Animation
  • Where Animation Fits in Your Design Process
  • Documenting Animations in Styleguides
  • Defining a Motion Language

MOBX 2017 presentation

Motion In Design Systems: Animation, Style Guides, and the Design Process

Interface animations are most effective when they work in concert as part of the bigger picture. Designing and choreographing your web animation efforts from the top down leads to more effective animations that integrate into your design system. And, defining a motion language for your brand can help your team to develop a shared vision from which to work.

In this session, Val will cover guidelines for designing animation that fits your brand, making animation part of your design process, and documenting your animation decisions in your style guide for future use. All the things you need to make web animation work for you and your team.

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